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Looking for a career in the RV Industry? Perhaps you want to broaden your horizons? There are countless opportunities available for education and training.

Spader Business Management Training

RVDA of Alberta will provide a rebate of $1,000.00 to dealer members that attend and completes the listed below listed workshop. Spader Business Management is also offering each dealership that registers three attendees the fourth attendee will be FREE!

Edmonton - Parts and Accessories - December 5-7 - Sandman West Edmonton

Dometic Technical Training

Dometic Training School Schedule and Registration is now avaialble for the 2017-2018 season. They will be continuing with the modularized format so you may choose which products lines to learn about. Spaces are limited so early registration is encouraged. For more information please contact Dometic Traing School directly at training.school@dometicusa.com.

SAIT - Air Brake Courses

SAIT is offering Air Brake Courses in Calgary, Alberta. The Air Brake Q Endorsement (BRKE-11) is a two day course and the Air Brake Instructor Certification (BRKE-333) is a three week course. Check the attached Information Form. Contact SAIT for further information or to register at (403) 284-8471 or by email transportation.info@sait.ca.

RV Service Technician Apprenticeship Program

SAIT Polytechnic-Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Apprenticeship and Industry Training Schedule

Textbook Prices:
RVDA of Alberta Members - $480.00 + GST
Non Association Members - $580.00 + GST

To order textbooks for the RV Service Technician Apprenticeship Program, email karen@rvda-alberta.org / carrie@rvda-alberta.org or by phone 1-888-858-8787.

RV Careers.ca

RV Careers website details many courses and job listings offered around the country.

RV Service Technicians deserve to be in the spotlight!

English Video

French Video

Apprenticeship and Industry Training

RV Technician Video: check it out!

RV Service Technician Bursaries/Awards

These bursaries are only available to technicians currently employed by RVDA of Alberta members.
RVDA of Alberta Bursaries
RVDA of Canada Bursary

Just wanted to say thank you to the RVDA for awarding me the Paul Sinclair bursary this year. And generally a big thanks for its support in my development as a technician over the last three years. - Don Coolen, RV Technician at Arrkann Trailer & RV Centre

For more information on finance incentives and grants, please click the following link: http://www.rvcareers.ca/financial-assistance/

Service Management Guide (Flat Rate Manual)

To order the "Service Management Guide (Flat Rate Manual)" Download the order form and fax the completed form to 604-204-0154 or email news@rvda.ca. If you have any questions regarding ordering please email news@rvda.ca.

Printed Manual or CD-ROM: RVDA Members -$210.00 / Non-Members - $420.00

Set: Manual and CD-ROM: RVDA Members -$348.00 / Non-Members - $702.00


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