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RVDA of Alberta Associate Membership Form Submission Instructions

To ensure your application is reviewed promptly, please complete all sections of the form. The application includes the following requirements:
Incomplete forms or missing signatures may delay the processing of your application.
Signed and submitted forms will be considered by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors for approval. You will be notified of your membership approval via email and mail. Upon approval, you will receive a membership welcome package from both the RVDA of Alberta and the RVDA of Canada.

Associate Member Application

MEMBERSHIP STRUCTURE (Please mark all categories applicable to your membership)


Membership Type RVDA of Alberta Dues RVDA of Canada Dues GST = Total
Regular (RV Service Industry) $465.00 $245.00 $35.50 $745.50

Code Of Business Ethics

  1. Association members shall, at all times, refrain from making any statement or conducting themselves in any manner which may bring discredit to the Association or other members of the association.
  2. Association members shall merchandise their RV industry products and services honestly, without false promise or misrepresentation, giving good value to their customers.
  3. Association members and their employees shall offer their merchandise and services on its merits, and shall not degrade other RV industry products in the process.
  4. Association members shall maintain their premises and conduct their business in a professional manner.
  5. Association members shall not discriminate against a customer or class of customer.
  6. Association members shall support a continued program of education and professional development within the recreation vehicle industry.
  7. Association members shall maintain a policy of complete compliance with all existing laws and regulations governing their business operation.
  8. Association members shall not recruit other members's staff at any RVDA function or contact an employee at this place of work.
  9. Association members shall not run or advertise a competing RV show or sale at their dealerships or any other location on the same days/weekends as the association endorsed shows and sales.
  10. Association members shall not run a competing offsite RV show or sale from January 1-March 31 (1st quarter annually) of each of the Calgary or Edmonton RV Adventure Show & Sale, or advertise a competing offsite RV show within forty- five (45) days of the completion of either RVDA of Alberta RV Shows, within the designated Calgary or Edmonton show regions. Code of Ethics - add an eleventh bullet point with the following copy: “Associate members to be in good standing, must give their pledge to the association's code of ethics.
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Consent Form

This Consent Form hereby gives the RVDA of Alberta/RVDA of Canada written consent to provide you, the user/member, with any documents that we send via electronic mail. All documents are for the sole use and purpose of providing the user/member with information which pertains to Association specific matters, guidelines, procedures, and other related information pertaining to the Association and its members.

This Consent Form is required in order that we, the RVDA of Alberta/RVDA of Canada, not be in conflict with the rules and regulations set out by the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. (Please contact our office if you require a copy of the RVDA of Alberta Privacy Policy and the Protection of Personal Information).

By way of signing this Consent Form, you, the user/member, agree that you wish to remain on the email lists of RVDA of Alberta/RVDA of Canada and agree to receive all such relevant information sent via email.

do hereby give permission to the RVDA of Alberta/RVDA of Canada to send and use my provided email address(es):

(to share information regarding our products, services, and regulatory information)
(to be posted on our website and member directory)
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If you do not wish to receive electronic messages from the RVDA of Alberta in the future, please reply by email to and/or unsubscribe to our newsletter. Please be advised that this may restrict our ability to send important member information to you in the future.

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